Product Spotlight: Recovery Sandals

After a race or intense training run I love to take off my sneakers and slide straight into my recovery sandals. I have tried so many recovery sandals and these are pretty magical - you feel it as soon as you slide your feet into them. I was first introduced to Telic a few months ago and tried them out after a very hilly (ouch!) half marathon. I had to fly out a couple of hours post race, so I put these on as soon as the race was over and continued to wear them the rest of the day. Walking through the airport (of course I had to trek to the furthest gate) was a breeze and I couldn't get over how it really felt like walking on a cloud. It's remarkable how these light as air sandals are able t

Stave Off Inflammation & Speed Up Recovery

When your body undergoes heavy stress - increasing mileage, upping your workouts, pushing your muscles harder - you are more prone to inflammation. While we all want to train hard, it's important to listen to your body and to understand the difference between that sore feeling we all secretly love and pain/lingering discomfort - some tell tale signs are if the area is swollen, red and/or painful to the touch. After an intense training session and/or a race it is vital to give your body time to recuperate and repair. Here are a few things I do to support my body's healing process: Hydrate - hydration is key! It enhances your body's overall performance and greatly reduces recovery time. Eat we

Product Spotlight: PAINCAKES

Cold therapy is an integral part of proper recovery, but traditional methods can get messy (melting ice cubes in soggy paper towels, leaky bags of ice) and can be time consuming (ice baths). It was love at first use when I was introduced to PAINCAKES. These portable ice packs are easy to use and safe to stick directly to your skin. Simply store in the freezer, stick to the spot you want to treat and voila - that's it! Did I mention the best part? These bad boys are reusable and stay sticky! I've been using ours for a few months now and they are still going strong. These are a great addition to your training and recovery program. They’ll seriously change the way you recover! Head over to the

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