Stay Hydrated!

Want to perform better? Recover faster? Have more energy? Improve the appearance of your skin? Boost your immune system? Be in a better mood? HYDRATE! Over 70% of your body (and your brain) is composed of water - think about that. No, really think about it. That said, how can your body perform at it's best if you are not giving it what it needs most - WATER! Water is critical for optimal daily function - performance, digestion, regularity (you know what we are talking about), cognitive function, mood, etc. It is so imperative to maintain proper water balance - think of your body as a vehicle and water is the fuel. You need to replenish what you burn or you will run out of gas. Water intake

My Love for Turmeric

There are so many health benefits to adding organic turmeric to your lifestyle. Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Here are just a few benefits of this nutrient powerhouse: helps fight inflammation may curb joint pain can calm an upset stomach protects the brain and can improve memory can improve your mood I am currently obsessed with this superfood and love finding new ways to sneak it into my diet. Here are a few ways I personally enjoy turmeric: blend in shakes/smoothies/juices sprinkle on top of avocado toast add into guacamole add to scrambled eggs/omelettes use

Tips on How to Avoid Exercise Burnout

It is very easy to go overboard when it comes to training which can lead to injury, burnout and a cycle of diminishing returns. I like to try my best to focus on my "why" - what drives me, inspires me, motivates me - and keep this in the front of my mind when I am having one of those days (you know what I'm talking about). Balance is something that is easier said than done, but it is important in all aspects of life - especially training. We push our bodies to the limit on hard training days and race days, so finding balance is key in recovery and in remembering why we started. Here are some tips that I find helpful to keep my mind and body in the game: Don't limit yourself to one form of ex

Race + Recover