Product Spotlight : BUFF headwear

When it comes to running, comfort, versatility and being lightweight is key when it comes to gear. One product I have been using for years is BUFF headwear. I love how multifunctional these are - they can be worn so many different ways and in all weather! I typically wear my BUFF around my neck or as a headband. In cooler weather they are great to pull up over your mouth and nose to keep warm. In warmer weather they can be used for sun protection or to wipe sweat. They are also pretty stylish and come in so many different patterns/styles. My latest fav is the new reflective version - this is perfect for my early morning runs! The 360° reflective system has reflective elements located all aro

Gearing up for race day!

NYC Marathon + Philly Marathon training is underway and planning out my nutrition is a big part of executing my race day plan. I have been training with Gatorade Endurance - the exact products and flavors that will be out on the course come race day! I was not familiar with any of the products on the course at Berlin and was too afraid to try something new during the race. I am so grateful for this opportunity because I would never have thought to research what's on the course and actually train with it. I now will always make this part of my marathon training plan - it has been going great so far and I am excited to see my results! Happy training to my fellow NYC + Philly runners! Disclai

Race + Recover