Post Baby Race: The Miami Half Marathon

Running during my pregnancy has been one of the greatest gifts - I have never felt more accomplished and more proud! No PR or medal can beat this - it has been so incredibly special to me and a bond that I get to share only with my little guy. I feel so lucky that I have been able to run during my pregnancy and decided after week 35 to switch to walking until baby boy arrives - less strain and stress on my this little guy is getting pretty big, so walking it is! I am a very goal oriented person and I decided to pick the Miami Half Marathon (my favorite race) to be my big post baby comeback race! I know there will be a recovery period and little sleep but I am determined! I want t

Product Spotlight: Orange Mud Transition Wrap

Living in Miami it's pretty much forever summer, which means hot, humid, sweaty runs. After my long runs I always clean my face (side note: I swear by Thayers witch hazel applied on Shiseido cotton pads) and towel dry off. I do my best to contort my towel in a way that covers the car seat to avoid getting sweat everywhere...and then I drive home. I was so excited when I was introduced to the Orange Mud Transition Wrap - it's a multipurpose changing towel and seat cover in one! It's super soft and absorbent, fits seamlessly over my car seat - and actually covers the entire seat. It was love at first use! I highly encourage all of my running friends to keep one of these in their trunks at all

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