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Product Spotlight: Recovery Sandals

After a race or intense training run I love to take off my sneakers and slide straight into my recovery sandals. I have tried so many recovery sandals and these are pretty magical - you feel it as soon as you slide your feet into them.

I was first introduced to Telic a few months ago and tried them out after a very hilly (ouch!) half marathon. I had to fly out a couple of hours post race, so I put these on as soon as the race was over and continued to wear them the rest of the day. Walking through the airport (of course I had to trek to the furthest gate) was a breeze and I couldn't get over how it really felt like walking on a cloud.

It's remarkable how these light as air sandals are able to alleviate so much pressure and really helped speed up my recovery. They provide incredible arch support and are textured to give you a little massage as you walk. They conform to your foot and are made of shock absorbing material to help you recover faster. Check out this impressive weight + pressure distribution map:

What I also love about this incredible company is that they are made in the USA - something they pride themselves on. They are known as "America's recovery shoe" and winner of the 'Readers Choice Awards' for Best Comfort Shoe.

Head over to the discount section for $5 off!




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