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Product Spotlight: WIN Detergent

With all the running I do, you can believe me when I say that I do laundry often...and a majority of it is just running/workout gear!

I invest in quality gear, so when it comes to laundry I don't trust anyone but myself to wash my running clothes. Most of my stuff is made out of delicate synthetic fabrics. I make sure to wash them with quality detergents and air dry a decent amount of it - the dryer can make brilliant colors fade, wear out the fabrics and/or cause items to shrink.

When I heard about WIN Detergent I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! They have found a way to get workout clothes to work better and last longer!

All it takes is a small capful (a little goes a long way) of this magic stuff and your gear is cleaner than ever! Regular detergents are formulated for cotton, not synthetic fabrics - WIN frees the oils from synthetics and with the bacteria that comes with it.

Why spend money on high quality gear if you aren't going to take care of them properly? I encourage all of my serious running/workout friends to give this stuff a try! Use code "RAVE4WIN" for 20% off your purchase!

A few pro tips when washing with WIN :

1. Wash clothes with HOT water if possible, rather than warm or cold. The goal is to remove oils and other chemicals that have gotten bound up in the fabric. It’s a little like cleaning a frying pan : hot water is much more effective. Hot water won’t damage synthetic fabrics.

2. If you have something that’s *really* got a lot of embedded odor, add some WIN to the prewash cup in your washing machine and use a full 2oz in the main cup. If your machine has an “extra rinse” option, use it to be sure to get all the detergent out.

3. Hang dry delicates or tumble dry on LOW temp. High drying temps *can* damage the fabrics. Most synthetics, especially good wicking fabrics, dry quickly on low / delicate.

4. If you use a fabric softener/antistatic sheet, use a “free and clear” product that won’t leave a residue.

Happy washing!

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